Space clearing is an ancient art of cleansing the spaces so as to reconnect with the natural energy of our indoor spaces and inanimate objects that surround us.

Here are its top three benefits:

1.) Space clearing works very effectively when applied in combination with the ancient art of feng shui placement to enhance the effects of feng shui. It enhances feng shui by allowing you to experience the energy of surrounding spaces more intimately. Usually, space-clearing takes precedence over feng shui placement. Doing feng shui in conjunction with this ritual is a very powerful and transformative experience and is bound to make a break-through in person’s life when performed effectively. problem space

2.) When you feel stuck in some problem of your life, space clearing offers perfect solution. Whenever you feel being stuck in some area of your life, usually, there is a corresponding stuckness in your home or office environment. Clearing the root of this “stuckness” resolves the problem from its root and helps you get un-stuck.

3.) When you keep experiencing the same problems over and again, space clearing offers ideal fix. What it does is that it offers you a new perspective to the problem and creates some space between you and the problem. This gives you a fresh start and hence a stronger possibility of resolution.

4.) Clearing off your predecessor energy is vitally important to get unstuck and move on with your life. For example, if the last person who lived in your apartment had health problems, the chances are extremely high that the person who lived there prior to him or her had the same problems. If your predecessor had problems in relationship, it is very likely that you may inherit some of these problems if you don’t perform the ritual of space-clearing prior to moving in. The energy that is stuck in the place that you stay is bound to replicate and manifest its affects on your life if you don’t do anything about it. Predecessor energy can really affect you in a lot of ways. Space clearing rituals offers you a fresh start.

5.) If your body’s eliminatory channels are clear, its natural abilities to heal itself are highly enhanced. In Russia, this is very well known, which is why in Russian hospitals, they offer enema whenever you are admitted to a hospital. The ritual of space-clearing offers physical, psychological, and spiritual discharge to enhance the healing process.