Niagara Falls is a must-see place in America, and foreigners should never miss their chances to visit this majestic scenery. Absolutely, it is a place that I have dreamed to go since I was a primary s chool student. I got a chance to visit there with my friends last month, and I finally fulfill my dream. Niagara Falls Tours

As we did not have enough time, we planned a night Niagara Falls tour. However, when we saw the great scenery, it was still amazing and breathtaking at night. So we ultimately changed our plan for a day tour. On the next day morning, I got up very early and took deep breathes in front of the window. I wanted to remember the refreshing air there. Each of us spent $15 dollars to take the “Mist of Maids”, where we could felt the great power of nature and heard the fury of the thundering water. We got so close to the falls, so could hear nothing when we were talking with each other due to the loud sounds. From this vantage point, we could have the best view of the waterfalls without getting wet.

Furthermore, we also spent extra $3 dollars to enter the observation platform. It is located at the downriver of the waterfalls. Though the Horseshoe Falls were quit distant, they were splendid too. And we could even descend in the tower’s elevator to the ground level of the Niagara River. I was very excited in the elevator and even took a picture to memorize this fantastic scene. And then we walked a short while and took some stairs to directly face the Niagara Falls. At that time, we were less than 50 meters away from the waterfalls! We enjoyed a different perspective here.